Best Robot Cleaners [Updated for 2018]

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At Xpango, we’re sick of the winter. Yes, we had some fun in the snow, and Christmas brought us a whole new load of fantastic gadgets and tech, but the office has been full of people moaning about being wet, cold and ill for months!

Thankfully, it looks like warmer weather might finally be here, but there’s one seasonal tradition we’re not looking forward to – spring cleaning.

If like us, you can’t bear the thought of tackling your dusty house and unkempt garden alone – fear not, help is finally at hand!

Whilst robots are still in their infancy and there is still a long way to go until we can have our very own C3PO or Johnny 5, we’ve found 5 fantastic automated home cleaning devices that make cleaning a real breeze.

1. CleanMate QQ5 – robotic vacuum cleaner –

No list of home robots could start without a robot vacuum cleaner, and your carpets will look better than ever with the CleanMate QQ5 cleaner Infinuvo. Intelligently searching your rooms for dust, dirt and pet hair, the QQ5 is quiet, efficient and easy to programme.

With a decent capacity for dust and long-life battery that provides up to 80 minutes of cleaning from a single charge, you can set our CleanMate to patrol your house seven days a week thanks to a neat scheduling function.

Our favourite feature of the QQ5 is its high power UV light (we like to think of it as a death ray) that kills bacteria and dust mites on your floor as it cleans, making it a useful tool for those with allergies and asthma.

Of course, like all robot vacuums, the CleanMate does have some drawbacks, and it will need emptying and cleaning fairly regularly. It also has a Dalek-like aversion to stairs which means that you’ll have to move the whole unit every time you want to clean a different floor.

2. iRobot Looj – Robot gutter cleaner-

Nobody likes spending the whole day cleaning the sludge, slime and leaves out of their gutters, moving the ladders every 5 minutes, and the Looj from iRobot is a really innovative way of making the job easier.

Looking like a cross between a piece of futuristic mining machinery and a medieval torture device, the Looj works its way along the length of your gutters on tank tracks in a matter of minutes, forcing all the grime, dirt and stoppages away. All you have to do is set it going at one end, and pick it up at the other.

It’s a very satisfying site from ground level, and you can sit back and watch all the debris, dirt and leaves flying out over the top of your gutter.

3. Windoro – Automatic window cleaner –

In a move that’s set to leave window cleaners fearing for their jobs, ALM Robotics have recently developed the Windoro. Hailed as the world’s first window cleaning robot, all you do is stick the two parts of the product on the inside and outside of your window (it keeps itself together with magnets) and press a button.

Just like a robot vacuum, it will work its way around the window, cleaning both sides at the same time using microfiber rotary pads. When it’s finished, a buzzer goes off, and you simply move it on to the next window.

Honestly, whilst it looks neat, we reckon it’s probably a bit impractical for the majority of houses – and anyone with sash windows!

In reality, you’ll probably spend just as much time supervising it, moving it, cleaning the pads and filling it with detergent as it would take you to clean the windows manually (but you will get the added satisfaction of making your friends and neighbours jealous!).

4. iRobot Scooba floor washing robot –

Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors can be a thankless task, but the new Scooba from iRobot makes it completely painless, and does a proper job as well.

With a unique4 stage cleaning process, it prepares, washes, scrubs and ‘squeegee-vacuums’ your hard floors, meaning that you won’t need to sweep up either. Its patented system also means that it only uses new, clean detergents and water, so unlike mopping, you won’t end up putting dirty water back on the floor.

It also uses the same coverage technology as their Roomba Vacuum cleaning robots, taking numerous passes of each room to ensure that it cleans the whole room.

5. Husqvarna Automower –

Has winter left you with a lawn that looks more like a jungle? Are you tired of losing your Saturday afternoons to mowing? Then invest in a robotic lawnmower like the Automower from Husqvarna!

Allegedly inspired by the grazing patterns of sheep, the Automower is capable of keeping even the largest of lawns looking trim, neat and tidy. In practice this means that you can sit back and relax with a smug look on your face and a cold drink in your hand while watching the neighbours wrestle with their mowers all summer!

The only annoying thing about the Automower is that you have to spend between 2 and 5 hours installing perimeter wire to configure it to your garden, although in the long run, it’s well worth it!

Of course, robot helpers aren’t cheap, and it’s probably easier to cajole your family members into doing the cleaning themselves.

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