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Free iPhone SE

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Tired of your current phone? Today you can swap all of your Xpango Points for a free iPhone SE, arguably one of the most powerful 4-inch.

How to get a free iPhone SE?

Getting your iPhone SE is very straight-forward. The first step is getting signed up to Xpango. Once you are a member you can start earning Xpango Points. Keep collecting points till you have enough saved up, eventually you can then swap them for your free iPhone SE. Want to get points faster? Simply invite your friends to unlock amazing free rewards

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The Free iPhone SE Features

iPhone SE screen

The screen measures 4.0 inches diagonally. These days that may seem small but for a lot of people purchasing the SE, it’s the very reason they did. Screen quality is average but far from bad. It uses the same 640 x 1136 resolution as the iPhone 5 did. In a world where 1920×1080 seems the norm and most high end phones are pushing 2560 x 1440, don’t let this put you off. It still has 326 PPI so it is still sharp enough not for you to notice any pixels at any reasonable distance. Viewing angles are good and so is the brightness. Sure, it won’t wow you like any of the recent Samsung Galaxy phones but given the fact that the aforementioned are pushing virtual reality, the iPhone SE isn’t and simply does not need a resolution that high. Sure, it is not as pretty as the others but it is far from bad and the payback you get in terms of performance and battery due to not having to unnecessarily power such a pixel dense display is worth it. Eye-popping no, pragmatic yes, good enough, certainly.

SE Design

This will be subjective of course but I love it. One of the reasons I picked it. I always did like the design of the iPhone 5 and thought it was one of the best that Apple have ever done. Yes, it uses more or less the same body as the iPhone 5 but there’s nothing wrong with that. It feels sturdy, well built yet light and compact. The size is easily manageable and again one of the main factors why someone would purchase the SE. The phone feels great in the hand, and because of its size, one handed use is very possible. The camera is flush and there are no ugly antenna lines – one of my biggest gripes with the iPhone 6/S/Plus phones. Buttons feel like they have a nice solid click to them and overall the device feels solid and well made.

SE Performance

Amazing. This is by far one of the fastest phones I have ever used. Boot up times are quick, opening apps is quick, switching apps is rapid. Since I’ve had it, it has not struggled or hung up once. Everything feels buttery smooth. High intensity apps like games run without any issue and I’ve yet to throw anything at this phone that taxes it. Given that it runs the same A9 processor in the iPhone 6S makes this is a highly capable phone in its own right but having to power a smaller lower resolution display also gives it a slight edge. Performance wise you won’t be disappointed, there’s nothing this phone can’t currently handle.

SE Battery

Battery life will obviously vary depending on whether you have bluetooth on, wi-fi or even location on. Another main thing that drains the battery on all phones is having the brightness jacked up high. If you use some power saving modes the battery is fantastic.

iPhone SE Camera

The iPhone SE houses a 12MP camera which is also capable of 4K video recording at 30 FPS and 1080P at 60 FPS. The camera loads very quickly and shutter speed is impressive. Its an excellent point and shoot camera, images are crisp and clear but this is very much dependent on how much light is available.

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