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Add a free iPad to your list of things you got from Xpango. We’ll send you a brand new Retina display iPad or iPad mini from Apple once you’ve collected enough Xpango Points, which iPad are you going to choose?




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Featuring up to 10 hours of battery and the most beautiful 9.7″ Retina display the iPad is an amazing choice of reward from Xpango

choice of free ipad minis

It may be smaller, lighter, thinner than previous iPad minis but it is deceptively powerful and handles demanding tasks

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iPads seem to be the most dominating electronic on peoples most wished for gadget list, even if they are notoriously expensive – they can replace computers for the average user so it’s definitely worth getting one, especially if you can get a free iPad from Xpango.

iPad are always similar in price no matter if you are searching electronic stores online or at the Apple store itself. However if you collect enough Xpango points you’ll be able to get your iPad free instead of forking out hundreds for one.

Choose your Free Apple iPad from Xpango.

We have the latest and greatest of Apple’s iPad range available for free, including the super sleek retina iPad Mini. Simply earn the required amount of Xpango points and exchange it for your Apple iPad.


The beauty of the 9.7-inch Retina display will make you fall in love. Such stunning vivid colours and detail will bring your photos and videos to life.

With an A9 chip you will love the performance of this 64-bit iPad. If you love having fast feeling interfaces and lightning quick apps then this is the iPad for you. Combined with the beautiful display you will love playing intensive graphic games or using multiple apps at once. The battery is also incredible with this new iPad.

Apple iPad 9.7 specs brief run-down:

  • 9.7-inch Retina display
  • 64‑bit A9 chip
  • (up to) 10-hour battery life
  • Over 1 million apps
  • iOS 11
  • 8MP and FaceTime HD cameras
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 469g
  • Wi‑Fi and 4G LTE
iPad Mini

About the free iPad mini

Don’t let the name fool you, the Apple iPad mini is a little beast with an A8 chip powering it which means it can handle demanding apps including video editing and mobile games thanks to the second-generation desktop class architecture.

Apple iPad mini specs brief run-down:

  • 6.1 mm thin
  • 299 grams
  • 2048 ×1536 resolution
  • 7.9 in Retina display
how to get free ipads and free ipad minis

How to get a free iPad?

If you’re a member of Xpango you are already one step closer to getting a free iPad. If you aren’t a member of Xpango then simply signup for free. Once you’re logged in to your account you can start earning yourself Xpango Points which can then be swapped for an iPad. Getting points is super easy, just invite your friends or complete missions given to you by our Advertising partners.

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