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Pick McCree, get on King’s Row and start stomping in competitive mode. Overwatch is the best alternative to other competitive games like LoL or CSGO – it requires skill, patience and now you can play Overwatch free when you collect enough Xpango points!

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It all starts with your Hero selection. Overwatch has everything from heavy armoured warriors to heavy damage range. Every hero can impact the game in different ways and it’s up to you to get good at your hero.

Watch Youtube videos, learn the tricks and tips to become highly skilled. Once you’ve mastered a heroes mechanics you can start dominating competitive mode. Anyone can load up a game but it takes real skill to be good at Overwatch.

You will soon learn what play style suits you best. There are four main types to choose from. Offensive (Doomfist, Genj & McCree), Defensive (Hanzo, Junkrat & Widowmaker), Tank (Roadhog, Orisa & Reinhardt) & Support (Lucio, Mercy & Symmetra). Each helps your team in the path to victory in different ways.

As this is a team game you need to learn quickly that there is no I in team. There also isn’t a fly in eye so make of that what you will. But in all seriousness, objectives win games NOT KILLS. A difficult concept to grasp for some but if you focus on objectives you can win a lot of games whilst the enemy team are all scratching their heads and blaming each other for the loss. Some of the most popular maps include: Eichenwalde, Hanamura, King’s Row, Lijiang Tower, Dorado & Watchpoint: Gibraltar.


Blizzard has made several of the most known games on the planet. Diablo 3. World of Warcraft and of course now, Overwatch the game everybody and their mother has been talking about because it is truly awesome and Xpango knows that you are going to love playing it. Overwatch has been storming the gaming scene, picking up mass popularity since it’s beta versions of the game and the amazing free weekends that players can play it for free, which obviously attracts tons of new players who then end up buying the game because it is just so addictive, it’s like a cross between CSGO and League of Legends. The game has attracted so much attention from the mainstream that it’s now scaling on the world stage with it becoming popular in eSports and the tournament scene. The game is full of balanced characters as Blizzard invested a lot of resource into creating a game specifically with eSports and competitive play in mind. Unlike other games (we won’t mention them here) which struggle to find balanced characters or champions because of the fact there are so many and meta shifts mean one overpowered character quickly becomes nerfed if there are slight changes. With Overwatch you don’t really experience the same level of change – once you learn a character, the mechanics are all down to you on improving to get better and better – you won’t suddenly wake up one day and Blizzard have changed your character so drastically the game no longer becomes fun. Often in games like LoL you will be pretty tilted from so many games being lost due to bad team compositions – which is why in Overwatch it’s really important to communicate and build the best comps possible based on your teams characters. Like most games out there, you can customise your gaming experience with in-game items like skins which can either be earned via the in-game loot options from playing the game often and doing well. Or you can buy them directly from the store which will obviously save you some time but this may feel like a waste of money to some people. Which is why using Xpango to get Overwatch free will start you off in the right direction. More money for skins… or just money saved which you can spend on other things, or on top of getting Overwatch free you can get other games free too!

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How to Play Overwatch Free?

With Xpango you can get Overwatch free just by collecting enough points on our unique reward system. All you have to do is collect enough points by completing missions or inviting your friends. Other ways include our monthly giveaways or random prizes awarded to our loyal users.

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