Earnings Disclaimer

Xpango is a service that rewards individual users for their hard work, time, background, dedication, desire and motivation to earning Xpango Points, which can be then used to unlock rewards.

Xpango tries to accurately represent what is possible when using the Xpango service. If users put low effort in they will not ever expect to gain enough points to unlock rewards.

Any testimonials or examples of successful Xpango users represent results of a highly motivated user and may not be typical results for the average user. If users do not put in effort, they can not expect to achieve the same results.

By using Xpango you accept that there is no assurance or guarantees that you will get results or rewards. The results or rewards the average user can obtain vary depending on how much effort, time and dedication users are prepared to put in. For example: A highly motivated user who completes missions, earns regular points and refers friends will accumulate more points than someone who only logs in once and doesn’t do anything.

Xpango cannot be held responsible for the lack of results that a user experiences.

Xpango is not responsible for how a user interacts with the website, advertisers, sponsors or partners.