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Amazon is a shoppers (and gamers) heaven when it come to looking for things to buy but the truth is we don’t know what you’re looking for, so we will give you generic free Amazon gift cards to spend on anything. Swap your Xpango Points for your free Amazon Codes!

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Amazon Codes

Amazon is obviously one of the greatest online shops in the world, with ranges for everything you can think of it’s hard to think of anything you can’t buy on Amazon. Make sure you use Free Amazon codes when you do shop

now use Twitch with your free amazon gift cards

Gamers Love Twitch

With the addition of Twitch to the ever growing list of properties Amazon owns, it’s no wonder gamers are starting to really love Amazon. Twitch is changing the landscape of gaming and now you can support your favourite streamers with Twitch subscriptions!

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Lovely Amazon

How to get Amazon Codes?

There are two main types of Amazon shopper. For the majority of customers they go there with a specific intent, they know what they want.

For others, Amazon is that shop you impulse purchase from at 3am. When those sales are just too good to ignore and you definitely thought you’d need a desktop usb fan that lights up to match your mechanical keyboards colour scheme (which  you also bought from Amazon).

But did you know they also own and operate They’re trying to make life good for gamers – so we are also trying to make it good too by offering a way to get Free Amazon Gift Cards.


Feeling generous? You could actually make someone else happy with your free amazon gift cards. They are a perfect gift if you don’t know what to get someone for Christmas or a birthday. Imagine the look on their face as they open up a message from you containing a free amazon gift card? Wow what a nice person you are.   The best part is, they don’t ever need to know it was free – they’ll be busy spending on Amazon whilst thinking about you as a legend. Books, TVs, games, videos, amazon prime, clothes, mp3 players, fitness equipment, amazon pantry – there are tons of things they could buy but that’s up to you to decide!


Now ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to redeeming your free Amazon gift cards, you need to take into consideration that Amazon have their own rules and restrictions. Xpango also has some rules and restrictions too.

For example, if you commit fraud on our website, you’re going to be banned my friend. We cannot be held responsible if you ignore Amazons terms and conditions. We don’t offer refunds and if you get your code hijacked or looted from your possession, it’s your own responsibility – sharing your screen on your Twitch is not our fault!

Amazons rules are a little more defined, do not ignore these – in short, they have a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo to protect you (and Amazon) from any funny business that goes on. Once you are sent your gift card code, it’s up to you to keep it safe.

Most of all, legally speaking, it’s yours to take care of and make sure you don’t get it stolen or heaven forbid – you lose it – if you do, we ain’t to blame – because you own it once we give you it. With that said, please visit Amazons official terms & conditions. Ya’ll been informed!

How to get free Amazon gift cards

How to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards?

Our advertiser partners give us lots of new offers for you to try out daily. Now, we know we’ve said that there are no downloads, no surveys or spammy “key generators” to get your free amazon gift cards – we meant it. However, some of the offers available in your country may well be surveys or downloads – they are safe but you can also get rewarded with Xpango points giveaways and earn points for referring your friends!

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