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Free GTA 5

If you’ve never played Grand Theft Auto 5 you are in for a real treat when you play it online for the first time due to how incredibly detailed and immersive the world is. It’s a really surreal feeling when you see other players running around with their high levels and sports cars.

Los Santos almost feels real, despite the fact you and I know it’s not, it’s just a game but the game designers really went above and beyond to bring it to life. It feels awesome. There are constant throwbacks to the original games and if you’ve played any of those, you’ll appreciate the subtle ways they acknowledge the best aspects of those games and how they’ve incorporated them into GTA 5.


You’ll want to make money as soon as possible in GTA 5 – there are lots of Youtube guides and tutorials all over the web to show you the fastest ways to level up your account as well as reach big money quickly.

If you’re much more interested in grinding for hours for low returns, then sure go ahead but if you have friends who are already high levels, they’ll definitely want you to get up their quickly.

Getting sniped by a high level whilst you run around cluelessly and then getting spawn camped by the same guy is quite an annoying feeling – so you can make your life a lot easier by just following guides and go from being somebody’s target practice, to somebody who targets others for practice. Comprendo?

You’ve probably seen Youtube clips of people doing death defying stunts or trying to find glitches, they are also fun to spend hours on replicating. After all some of the stunts actually award you for them which can be quite an achievement – if you’re into that kind of thing. Either way, landing your motorbike on top of a moving plane is just funny and if you disagree you probably shouldn’t be playing this game!

Free Shark Cards

Get Free Shark Cards (No generators!)

Xpango is an authentic way to get real free shark cards because we literally buy all our giftcards and codes directly from the companies. For example, we will buy the code for you and send it to you. Why? Your Xpango points are worth real money, our advertiser partners give us the money which we then give to you as points.

These other companies that offer “free shark cards” are almost always a scam and have some really dodgy website name like “freesharkcardsheretotallylegit[dot]com/getfreecardsnoscam” – they often pretend to look like they are an official part of GTA 5 or present themselves as affiliated with Rockstar – they are not. We cringe when we see the “free shark cards” with some sketchy random code “generator” attached to it – they don’t work, they are outrightly a scam and 99.9% of the time you do not get free shark cards.

The reason Xpango can guarantee you get your gift from us is because we personally buy the codes directly from the publisher or intermediary (e.g Steam) – we are not affiliated with the sites but often have partnerships which enable us to get these codes. Shark cards are currency within GTA 5 which enable you to have lots of money quickly.

You can literally go from zero in-game cash to millions in seconds with a shark card and the best part is, they are free from us. Just earn enough points to swap them for it!

instructions on how to get a free gta 5 key

How to get a Free GTA 5 Copy?

Although you can get GTA 5 cd keys cheaply nowadays, it’s still not free. So the best way is just to get it from Xpango because it is free and depending on how you’ve earned points, it can feel like you’ve literally done nothing to get it. That’s right, all you have to do is collect Xpango points and then swap them for your free GTA 5 CD key. Collecting points is easy – either earn them by completing missions for our advertising partners or just share your referral link

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