Free MP3 Players from Xpango

Xpango provide Free MP3 Players as part our our unique reward system. Earn credits towards your mp3 player and receive it once you have earned the required amount of credits.

To select your Free MP3 Player, simply click on the relevant image shown below. You then can see further information about the item and the number of credits required to receive it. Check back regularly for updates.

Apple MP3 Players

  • Apple iPod Nano 16GB
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Apple iPod Touch 32GB
  • Apple iPod Classic

Beats MP3 Players

  • Beats Solo Headphones
  • Beats Studio Headphones
  • Beats Tour Headphones
  • Beats iBeats Headphones

Sony Walkman MP3 Players

  • Sony Walkman F Series
  • Sony Walkman A Series 16GB
  • Sony Walkman E Series 8GB