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The Nintendo 3DS is a groundbreaking new console bringing 3D gaming to the handheld market for the first time. The Nintendo 3DS delivers 3D Slider functionality and an improved top LCD display to present a glasses-free 3D effect on compatible games.

Real 3D Graphics. No Glasses Needed

Experience incredible gameplay featuring real 3D graphics that do not require any special glasses or additional accessories. Nintendo 3DS is a breakthrough in portable entertainment, a truly cutting-edge piece of hardware that has to be seen to be believed.

3D Screen& 3D Depth Slider

The groundbreaking upper 3D screen of the Nintendo 3DS system is where Nintendo opens up a whole new world gameplay possibilities. This 3.53" display is capable of displaying approximately the same 16.77 million colors, but with 800 x 240 pixel resolution. 400 pixels are allocated to each eye to enable 3D viewing.

A built-in 3D Depth Slider along the right side of the top display allows you to immediately adjust the intensity of the 3D settings. All Nintendo 3DS games and applications can be played in 2D, and look better when played on the Nintendo 3DS.

Motion Sensor and Gyro Sensor

Portable play control reaches a new level with the Nintendo 3DS' Motion Sensor and Gyro Sensor combination. Together these precision built-in features allow for new and unique gameplay mechanics as the 3DS reacts to real-time motion and tilt.

3D Camera Functionality

Along with a digital camera facing inwards towards the player, the Nintendo 3DS system features two outer cameras positioned along its upper edge when device is open. These two cameras see the world in 3D, much like the human eye, allowing for the creation of 3D photos - and a similar 3D effect to that seen in Nintendo 3DS games.

StreetPass & SpotPass

Nintendo 3DS brings fellow players together in exciting new ways with StreetPass communication. Set your Nintendo 3DS to Sleep Mode and carry it with you wherever you go to exchange game data like Mii characters, high scores, and custom characters with other users you pass on the street. You control what data you exchange and you can exchange data for multiple games at once, making virtual connections with real world people you encounter in your daily life.

Nintendo 3DS includes SpotPass, a feature that lets Nintendo 3DS detect wireless hotspots.

Backwards Compatibility

Almost all existing Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games can be played on a Nintendo 3DS system in 2D. With backwards compatibility, your existing portable games look and play just as well.

What's In The Box

Nintendo 3DS system, Nintendo 3DS charging cradle, Nintendo 3DS AC adapter, Nintendo 3DS stylus, SD Memory Card (2 GB), six AR card(s), Quick-Start Guide, Operations Manual (+ warranty).

Key Features

  • Widescreen 3D top screen displaying full 3D visuals.
  • Cartridge slot plays DS Lite, DSi and new 3DS game cards.
  • D-pad, four fascia buttons and two bumper buttons for traditional DS gameplay.
  • New pen-like stylus for comfy touch screen control.
  • Analogue stick for precise control.
  • Two digital cameras for taking 3D pictures.
  • Bottom touch screen for stylus-based interaction.
  • Motion sensor and gyro for tilt-based control.
  • 3D depth slider to toggle between 2D and 3D settings.
  • Wi-Fi online connectivity and new StreetPass system let you connect with friends and download new content!
  • Available in 2 Colours - Aqua Blue & Cosmos Black
  • Battery Life - 3-5 hours (3DS software), 5-8 hour (DS software and/or with lowered brightness settings).
Nintendo 3DS


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