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learn the different ways of getting credits

Free Websites

If you haven't already got a website, its very easy to do and can be used as an extremely effective tool for gaining Credits.

We would recommend checking out the 'Useful Links' at the bottom of this page to get a free website.

You can easily get a free domain name such as '' (example) and then use this to direct potential customers towards, which when they visit, they can then click a link (which includes your Referral ID) which takes them to which can then gain you many Credits.

Once you have set-up your free website, why not add some of our 'Banner Adverts' or if your not keen on designing a site/page of your own, simply download a Xpango Template Page (Coming Soon !) You can then drive traffic to your site, which in turn should bring visitors that click your banners to gain you Credits.

If you already have a website, why not download some of our Banner Adverts which you can include your Referral ID within? Click here for the full range of adverts available.

We would also recommend the use of Google Pay Per Click Advertising to generate traffic to your site and banners. Click here to read more about using Google's Services to Generate Web Traffic.

Useful Links
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