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How Xpango Works

Xpango uses a unique Credit system to reward our customers with Free Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles, MP3 Players, HDTVs and Macs/PCs!

Each Gift is received for Free in exchange for Credits which can be gained by Xpango members.

When you register with Xpango and select your Free Gift, you will receive a 'Referral ID' which is used to gain Credits. Credits can easily be gained by either (or a combination of) participating in Xpango Offers, Referring Friends, or by purchasing a Clix Ads Package.

Credit requirements for Gifts vary depending on the retail price of the Mobile Phone/Gaming Console/MP3 Player/HDTV. More expensive Gifts require more Credits than less expensive Gifts.

Is Xpango really free?

Xpango genuinely provide the latest Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles, MP3 Players & HDTVs - Worldwide and for Free!

All gifts are provided in exchange for Credits and there are many ways of gaining Credits at no cost.

The best way of gaining Credits for free is by;

Completing Free Offers (Register for Free Offers such as Blockbuster, Intuit Websites and Gaemhouse and get Credits!) - Read more about Xpango Offers here

Referring Friends (Get a Credit for every friend you refer who completes an Offer or purchases a Clix Ads Package) Read more about Referring Friends here

Once you have gained your Credits, you receive your Free Gift!

When do I receive my gift?

Your Free Gift will be delivered to you once you have gained the required amount of Credits for the gift you have selected. Once you have gained your Credits there will be small processing period to verify your order (typically 7-14 days) and your gift will then be dispatched to you via recorded/tracked delivery (allowing available stock).

Waiting periods are often determined by how you choose to gain your Credits. Typically completing Xpango Offers is the fastest way to gain your Credits, however many customers also Refer friends and/or purchase a Clix Ads Package to gain Credits.

An example of a common waiting period would be; if you selected an Apple iPod Nano 8GB, you need gain just 13 Credits to receive your gift immediately. If you were to gain just 2 Credits per day using the Xpango Credit System , (Clix/Referring/Offers) you could receive your gift (worth £129/$159 +) in less than 2 weeks!

Am I guaranteed to receive my gift?

Yes! simply gain the required amount of Credits and your Gift will be despatched to you within 7-14 days! (allowing for available stock)

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Credits System

It's easy to gain Credits and there are 3 main ways of doing so;

Complete Offers - Try products and services featured in the Xpango offer directory and earn credits - Read more >>

Refer Friends - Receive 1 Credit for each friend you refer who completes an offer or purchases Clix - Read more >>

Buy Clix Ads - Let Clix earn credits for you - Read more >>

How many credits are required for each gift?

Gifts are received in exchange for Credits, with gifts being available from as little as 10 credits. More expensive gifts require more credits.

Click here for a full list of gifts and their Credit Requirements - Roll over each Gift Picture to view the number of Credits required for each Gift.

Do I have to refer friends to receive my gift?

No - Referring friends is an option, not a requirement. Xpango also provides an extensive range of Offers that members can complete themselves to gain Credits and members can also use the Clix System to receive Credits

You can choose how you wish to earn your credits!

Are there any limits to the number of credits/gifts that can be received from Xpango?

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer or the number of Credits that can be obtained from Xpango Offers or Clix. If you obtain more than enough Credits for your selected item, spare Credits can be transferred to other orders. There are also no limits on the number of orders you can place or number of Gifts that you can receive!

It's also worth noting that there are no limits on the time period of which your Credits are valid for. Gain your Credits in as little or as much time as you wish.

Can I transfer spare credits to another gift order?

Yes - if you have spare/excess credits on an order and wish for these to be moved to another order within your account, just email us and we will move the credits for you.


Are gifts brand new?

Yes - all Mobile Phones/Gaming Consoles/MP3 Players/HDTVs/Macs & PCs are brand new from an authorised retailer. Mobile Phones are provided 'sim free' which means there is no contract to sign, can use your normal sim card, or pay as you go sim, depending on which you have.

Mobile Phones are unlocked which means, no matter which network provider you are with, your handset is unlocked and compatible to work with all. The vast majority of Mobile Phones provided by Xpango, are Tri-Band or Quad Band Compatible ( GSM 850/900/1800/1900) to allow for Global use and compatibility.

All Apple products are supplied directly from Apple and are supplied with a manufacturers warranty. Xpango have partnerships with a number of key retailers and all Gifts provided are brand new, with manufacturers warranties.

What happens if my gift is faulty?

In the unlikely event that your Free Gift has a fault after you receive it, then no need to worry.

All Free Gifts provided by Xpango.com come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Simply contact us and we will ensure you receive a new working replacement.

Can I change my gift selection?

Yes, all Credits are generic, which means they can put used towards receiving any gift which is shown on the website. You can therefore choose to receive a different Free Gift with a higher (simply gain extra) or lower Credit Requirement. You can update your Gift selection by logging into your account. Your Referral ID will not change, even if you change your gift selection.

Complete Offers

How do I receive credits from completing offers?

Mutliple Credits can easily be gained by participating in Xpango Offers available within the Xpango Offer Directory.

Xpango have created a Directory full of offers that you can participate in to gain Credits with.

Offers are split into categories, with something to suit everybody. Examples of offers include signing up for a Free DVD Rental Trial with Blockbuster, or Applying for an American Express Card, or playing some Poker with Party Poker.

Each offer is worth a certain amount of Credits and when you sign-up and participate in an offer, you are then rewarded with Credits towards your Free Gift.

How do I complete Xpango offers?

To participate in an Offer, simply visit the Directory and choose offers that you are interested in. You will then be able to view instructions detailing how to complete the offer in order to receive your Credits.

Each offer has a page describing the offer and instructions on how to complete the offer. You will see a box listed below the offer instructions with your Referral ID entered and a button to 'complete offer'. Our system tracks your offer completion and adds Credits to your account when completed.

I've completed an offer, when do I receive my credits?

Credits are normally added to your account within 7 days of completing an offer.

Where can I view the offers I have completed?

To view the offers you have completed and earned Credits for, Login to your account and click 'Orders/Credits/Referral ID' from the menu located on the right hand side of the admin area.

You will then see a list of your orders. If you click the 'Details' button shown next to your order, you will see a heading for Xpango Offers which will show how many Credits you have earned from offers so far. If you click the 'More Info' button, you can then view a list of the offers you have completed.

Can I complete the same offer more than once?

Members may only complete each offer once. Also, each offer is normally limited to 1 offer per household. For example if you were to sign-up for a Blockbuster DVD Trial, if a family member residing at the same residence was also a member of Xpango, only 1 of you could complete this offer. There are however no limits on the number of offers you can complete. You can also earn a Credit for each friend you refer who completes an offer!

I've waited more than 7 days for my credits, what should I do?

Credits are normally added to your account within 7 days, however this can occassionally take slightly longer, depending on the offer and the time in which our advertising partners take to approve your offer completion. If you have not received your Credits after 14 days, please contact customer support detailing the offer you completed and the date you completed the offer.

What steps can I take to ensure my offer completions are successfully credited?

Whilst Credits are normally added to your account within 7 days, from time to time an offer you complete may not track correctly, meaning your Credits will not initially be added and a member of the Xpango Support Team will need to investigate this.

Xpango have created a Tracking Checklist of steps we recommend taking before completing an offers. To view the Tracking Checklist, click here

Why do Free Trial offers require a credit card?

Free Trial offers often require a Credit Card to verify your identity and will never charge you for a trial offer. The Credit Card details are entered to allow the advertiser to bill you if you decide to continue with a service beyond the Free Trial period.

I'm missing credits for an offer I completed - should I contact the company myself?

No. Xpango deal directly with our Advertising Partners and it is far quicker for us to act on your behalf to resolve any missing Credits for you.

If you are missing Credits, please contact customer support.

Refer Friends

How do I refer people to earn credits?

Making Referrals is easy! When a friend you refer registers at Xpango, they simply need to enter your Referral ID on the Xpango registration form and activate their account. You will receive 1 Credit for each friend you refer who activates their Xpango account.

Your friend can activate their account by;

- Completing a Free Offer (such as Lovefilm, Gamehouse or eMusic) from the Xpango Offer Directory

- Purchasing an Xpango Clix Ads Package.

To send your friends personalised Xpango emails, that include your Referral ID Link, click here

Where can I find my Referral ID?

Once you have registered with Xpango and placed an Order for your Gift you can view your Referral ID next to your order/s within your Xpango account.

To view your Referral ID Login to your Xpango account and click 'Orders/Credits/Referral ID' from the menu located on the right hand side of the screen. You will then see a list of your orders with your Referral ID stated on the left hand side of the list.

What are active/in-active referrals?

When you Refer a friend, they will appear within your account in the 'Referrals' section of your order.

'Active Referrals' indicate that the friend you have referred has activated their account. You earn 1 Credit for each activated account.

'Un-active Referrals' indicates that the friend has registered but not yet activated their account.

An account can be activated by either completing an Xpango Offer, or purchasing an Xpango Clix Package. Once activated, you will then also receive a Credit for each activation.

How can I see who I have referred?

To view friends who you have Referred (people who have quoted your Referral ID when registering with Xpango), simply Login to your Xpango account and click 'View Orders/Credits'. You will then see a list of the Orders you have at present.

To view the friends you have Referred, click on the 'Details' Button located on the right of the list of orders. You will then be able to see a list of the friends you have Referred and those that have gained you Credits.

My friend registered but I haven't received a credit - why?

A friend you refer must activate their account by completing a free offer (such as Blockbuster, eMusic or Gamehouse) or from purchasing a Clix Ads Package.

Only once the friend has correctly activated their account, will your Credits be added. Credits will normally appear within 24-72 hours after your friend has completed an Offer or purchased a Clix Ads Package.

Clix Packages

How do Clix Ads work?

The Xpango Clix Ads System now makes it quicker and easier than ever to receive your gift!

Clix Packages are designed to deliver up to 300 visitors to the Xpango website - referred by you. Xpango has set-up an advertising network of a large number of websites that feature Xpango Banner Adverts.

Now here's the clever bit! These Banner Adverts link to our system to include your Referral ID number within them!

This means that when a new customer Clicks upon the Banner Advert, they are directed to the Xpango site, but with your Referral ID, meaning that when they Sign-up and activate their account, you receive a Credit !

What are Clix?

Each Clix Ads package contains up to 300 Clix and up to 3 Credits are included in your purchase to get your started. This means that you will receive up to 300 visitors (depending on which Clix Ads package your purchase) who come to the Xpango website referred by your Referral ID. If just 12 of these visitors Sign-up and make a purchase or complete an offer, you will automatically have enough Credits for a Free Amazon Gift Card worth over £100/$150!

You can monitor your progress and Clix via your Xpango Account, which will also allow you to see which websites your Clix are coming from, how many Clix you have left and which Clix have gained you your Credits.

How do I add Clix to my Xpango order?

You can easily add Clix to any new or existing Xpango order.

This means that if you already have an order and need some extra Credits, you can add a Clix Package to your existing order to gain Credits for you.

To add Clix to an order, login to your Xpango account and click 'View Orders/Credits'. You will then see a button shown next to your existing order which will allow you to add Clix.

Can I see which websites my Clix visitors are coming from?

You can monitor your Clix by logging into your Xpango Account.

Login to your account and select 'Orders/Credits/Referral ID' to view details about your order and you will then see a button shown againt your order, titled 'Details'. Click this to see a summary of the number of Clix you have available, which websites your Clix have come from and which have gained you Credits.

How many referrals and credits am I likely to receive from a Clix Ads package?

Clix Ads packages are available in 3 sizes - 100, 200 and 300.

When you purchase a Clix Ads Package, you will automatically receive 1 Credit for your purchase (3 if you order 300 Clix).

When you buy a Clix Ads package, our system delivers a number of targeted visitors to Xpango - referred by you. You will see Referrals appear in your account when new members register via your Clix Ads. You can then email your referrals via your Xpango account and will receive 1 Credit for each of your referrals who completes an offer or purchases their own Clix Ads.

Typically, around 20-30% of your visitors from Clix Ads will normally register - so if you order 300 Clix - you should receive at least 50-60 referrals. You will then be able to send personalised emails to you referrals to encourage them to complete an offer (if they haven't already). You will receive 1 credit for each referral who completes an offer or buys their own Clix Ads

To view the different types of Clix Ads packages available and find out more - click here >

How do I purchase a Clix Package?

Xpango have partnered with Paypal to process Clix Ads orders. Paypal is free to use and secure.

Do you have refund policy for Clix Ads purchases?

For Clix Ads Package (Digital Product) purchases, refunds can only be provided if your Clix Package has not yet been activated (usually within 24 hours).

Delivery Information

Do you accept members from anywhere in the world?

Yes! Xpango delivers Free Gifts to members all over the world.

You can receive your Gift for Free, in any country, anywhere in the world. There are no extra or hidden charges - delivery of your Gift is Free.

How do I update my personal or delivery details?

To update your Personal Information (email address etc) or your Delivery Address Information, simply Login to your Xpango account and select 'Update Personal Information' from the menu located on the right hand side of the page.

Do I have to pay for delivery of my gift?

No - there are no extra charges - delivery of your Gift is Free - worldwide.

Will I have to pay any taxes to receive my gift in my country?

As all items are a free gift, you should not be liable for any import taxes. All international deliveries are insured and labelled as a gift, so you should not have to pay for any taxes from your countries customs departments.

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