Clix Ads - An easy way to get Referrals

Want an easy way to get a whole bunch of referrals? Clix Ads are for you.

Clix Ads is an advertising network set-up by Xpango to help our members easily generate referrals and then ultimately credits.

When you buy a Clix Ads package, our system delivers a number of targeted visitors to Xpango - referred by you. You will see Referrals appear in your account when new members register via your Clix Ads. You can then email your referrals via your Xpango account and will receive 1 Credit for each of your referrals who completes an offer or purchases their own Clix Ads.

Clix Ads are available in 3 sizes - 100, 200 and 300. The size of the Clix Ads is the number of visitors that are delivered. Plus you get up to 3 credits when you place an order!


Clix Ads - Available Packages

Clix Ads are available in 3 different sizes with each size indicating the number of visitors that will be delivered to you. The chart below compares the different Clix Ads sizes.


Clix Ads Chart Click to Buy Clix Ads


So how does it work?

Every time someone clicks on a banner or size within our Advertising Network, they are sent to Xpango under your reference.  When they register with Xpango they become an Inactive Referral straight away!

When the new member completes an offer or purchases their own Clix Package they earn you a Credit straight away. – It’s that easy!

New members can complete any offer and don’t forget, we have a lot of Free Offers and regularly add new offers for your referrals to complete.


What if a Referral registers but doesn't complete an offer right away?

A great feature of Clix Ads is when the member has registered, they are YOUR referral.  This means you can send them one of our prewritten emails and offer them advice or tell them about some of our great offers in the Xpango Offer Directory - you can also customise your email if you prefer. Sending referrals emails is a great way to encourage them to complete a free offer.